Greetings traveler!

My name is Gerrit Addiks. Welcome to my homepage.
I am a software-/web-developer from oldenburg and i work for Brille24 where i have been a trainee between 2008 and 2011. As a webdeveloper my focus is on PHP/MySQL, but sometimes i also work in other areas such as developing extensions for firefox, php or other programs in different languages.

Here i want to present some scripts or projects which i have developed and may be to some use for other people.

Gerrit Addiks

Gedit plugins / IDE

I am not a fan of big monolithic IDE's like eclipse or phpstorm which try to do everything a developer might need with one big program. I prefer an toolchain of little and independent programs. For diff's i use currently meld, for git i use gitg and git gui, for network-analysis wireshark and for MySQL-administration Mysql-Workbench. So it's not surprising that i use for my text-editing not a special (PHP-)IDE, but the general text-editor gedit. Gedit itself already brings some importand things like syntax-highlighting and is easy extendable using python and GTK. I have developed besides other things a dbugger-plugin, a Window-management, an extension for PHP development (auto-completion, etc...) and a code-check-plugin (PHP-Lint, Codesniffer and PHP-MD)

Developing on your tools you are using might make it unstable, but because it is not an big monolithic IDE, restart's are cheap. Whenever gedit crashes (mostly because i f*cked up in my plugins) the editor closes and i just click on the file and instantly it's open again.


For a few year's now i am working with the Symfony Framework and the associated ORM- & DBAL-software Doctrine. The purpose of ORM (Object Relational Mapping) software should be to map arbitrary objects onto a relational database. The doctrine-ORM sadly has a few limitations when it comes to what is possible to map of the objects.

To easy these limitations as much as possible i have written a symfony-bundle called Symfony-RDM that add's a few new mapping-capabilities to the doctrine ORM.

PHP SQL-database

At the moment i am developing PHPSQL, an SQL-database written completely in PHP. But this is more of a hobby-project without any real (serious) goal. I have begun with this project while trying to write a unit-test for a component that uses SQL and noticed that there currently simply is no SQL-database in the PHP-environment that works without any external server or PHP-extension and could execute without side-effects. I dont know if this projects leady anywhere, but it is fun developing it.

Automatic window-sizeadaptation for browsers

In my opinion the biggest problem with modern browsers is that every page is displayed in the same size regardless of it's contents (sometimes even in fullscreen). When i have only a little login-page open, why does so much of my monitor clogged with unused whitespace? So i have developed an extension for firefox , which resizes the window to best fit the window. I wish the same behaviout for many other programs and i have been able to also write a plugin for gedit, which does the same thing.